Why all the fuss?

  Tefismart Pro customers save up to 75% on tablecloth expenses while making No

    compromises in quality or selection

  Tefismart Pro tablecloths are the only stain-resistant and commercially

    washable tablecloths available today

  Tefismart Pro reduces the environmental footprint of the hospitality industry

    by reducing tablecloth washing by up to 90%


Why the savings?

  Tefismart Pro tablecloths require 10x less washing than traditional products

  Tefismart Pro customers require significantly less staff labour

  Tefismart Pro reduces tablecloth quantity requirements by approximately 70%

    and thus dramatically decreasing storage needs


Does it really work?

  There are over 250,000 meters of Tefismart tablecloths in circulation in Finland alone

  Europe’s 4th largest textile renting company has used Tefismart products for over 10

   years – it composes the most successful segment of their operation

  Tefismart Pro has over 18 years of successful use in the marketplace

  Tefismart Pro has become a requested product in Europe’s hospitality industry


Tefismart Pro products are available with full-service rental programs.