Tefismart Pro challenges conventional restaurant tablecloths

A new stain repellent tablecloth for fine dining restaurants

Rusanen MicroClean is a Finnish company that is now introducing a new alternative to its Tefismart Pro tablecloth selection. This new tablecloth was developed in Finland and resembles conventional tablecloths, feels like cotton sateen cloth, but is  stain repellent thanks to its imperceptible nanotechnology treatment.

Patent is pending for the new innovative cloth made from layered polyester cotton. Tefismart Pro is a selection of affordable total services – from surveying a restaurant’s needs for table-setting textiles to tablecloth leasing, washing and maintenance services.


A new stain repellent tablecloth for fine dining restaurants and catering service providers.


Rusanen Microclean is introducing a new stain repellent cloth alternative to its Tefismart Pro tablecloth selection. The cloth, with its stain repellent treatment, resembles and feels like conventional white cotton sateen cloth. The cloth is provided with an imperceptible nanotechnology-based surface treatment that is resistant to industrial laundering. This innovative fabric consists of layered polyester cotton with a weight of 240 g/m2 and a maximum width of 155 cm. The cloth colours and patterns can be selected from the Tefismart fabric selection, or from the Vallila Interior selection, or can be tailored to the customer’s needs. Patent is pending for the Tefismart Pro cloth.


Tefismart Pro offers an easy to use choice for the leasing of restaurant textiles

Tefismart Pro services are addressed to restauranteurs, covering the survey of required restaurant textiles, tablecloths tailored to the restaurant’s needs, as well as their washing and maintenance services. Towards the end of the textiles’ service life, the service also arranges their recycling. Tefismart Pro textiles are provided with a unique nanotechnology-based dirt and stain repellent surface treatment, thanks to which their washing requirement is ten times lower than that of any conventional cotton cloths. At the same time, this also reduces the restaurant’s workforce and storage resource requirements.


Table-setting textiles from the Tefismart Pro model selections provide a perfect match to the style of your restaurant

Tefismart Pro offers three versatile selections of patterns and colours for professional use. The selections were named as per application: Arki (Work day), Ilta (Evening) and Teema (Theme). Tefismart Arki is a selection of timeless patters and crisp colours for luncheon and casual dining restaurants. Tefismart Ilta combines a clear trend with soft colours which makes the products particularly suitable for the needs of fine dining restaurants and catering services. Tefismart Teema is a selection with strong colour contrasts and bold print patterns which were inspired by nature and match perfectly with a trendy restaurant environment. Vallila Interior has also created a separate design model selection for Tefismart Pro.

In addition, Tefismart Pro offers a web-based Chameleon service for the creation of tailor-made fabrics to the restaurant’s specific needs.