Rusanen MicroClean Oy becomes major shareholder of well-known Tefi Oy

Rusanen MicroClean Oy has become a major shareholder of Tefi Oy and has also acquired Tefi’s trademarks, patents and print shop. Stain resistant tablecloths, manufactured with a new technology developed by Tefi Oy, already cover over 60,000 restaurant tables in Finland alone.

Tefi Oy will now add to its product selection also fire retardant drapery fabrics designed for public spaces and printed with unique patterns according to customers’ wishes.

For hospitals and special projects, they will offer fire retardant and bioactive, “bacteria eating” drapery fabrics.

CEO Jori Rusanen explains:

“We will introduce new, unique designs and patterns to restaurants, public venues and hospitals as part of our rental service. Our customers can place special orders which we will print in our own print shop. For rental linens, we also offer laundry service as needed as well as ‘refreshing’ of tablecloths’ surface to make them suitable for commercial use. All inclusive Tefismart service is extremely convenient to the customer.

Jori Rusanen, the majority owner of Rusanen MictoClean Oy and a third generation laundry entrepreneur, became the CEO of Tefi Oy in August 2013. The previous owner, Mr. Onni Alanen, who initially developed and patented the company’s products, will stay with the company holding now one-third of the shares. Under the new management, Tefi Oy is planning to increase substantially its investments in research and product development.

Tefismart products have been developed and printed in Finland. They represent the most advanced nanotechnology today. The technology uses matter (nanometer that is one-millionth of a millimeter) to give textiles a strong and durable surface with stain resistant, fire retardant and even bacteria resistant qualities.

As per CEO Jori Rusanen:

“This latest innovation saves restaurants labor costs and is environmentally friendly. Instead of frequent washing, the tablecloths can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and kept on restaurant tables for several weeks without washing! Your laundry and logistic expenses will drop by about 95%.
From the business point of view, this concept does not only make financial sense, but is also ”a green choice”.