Finnish Nanotextiles Heading to International Markets

In October 2013, a new family of Finnish nanotextile products were introduced in Helsinki to the media and hospitality industry professionals. By combining nanotechnology with Finnish Design, there is now in sight a renaissance of long lost Finnish textile manufacturing know-how.

Nanotechnology (one millionth of a millimeter) based business is expected to be a growing trend in Finland. Finnish companies, Tefi Oy along with Vallila Interior and Rusanen MicroClean, are leading the way.

Public venues do not have to look dull

Based on the Finnish innovation, patented by Tefi Oy, a new family of nanotextile products has been created. Designs according to customers’ choice are printed on Smart Tablecloths, on non-flammable drapery as well as on bioactive, “bacteria-eating” drapery. The company promises to deliver nanotextiles, which are unique in the world.


CEO Jori Rusanen comments:

“Creative design, impressive look and easy processing are the key words when building a visual image of a restaurant, public venue or even a nursing home. Together with professionals from Vallila Interior, we are developing a new Finnish Design concept in Finland and internationally.”


Personalized Finnish nanotextiles

The family of nanotextiles, introduced today, includes the following:

  1. Unique stain resistant tablecloths
  2. Unique fire-retardant textiles which provide added security for public venues
  3. Unique bioactive textiles for “bacteria eating” drapery for hospitals and nursing homes


Tested product Innovation

Stain resistant tablecloths developed by Tefi Oy, cover today more than 100,000 restaurant tables in Finland alone. Now, thanks to the new technology and with help from Vallila Interior, the company is also breaking into international markets. Tefi’s fire-retardant curtains with specially treated fiber, has been assigned the highest fire-safety class by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland). Bioactive curtains and “bacteria eating” curtains, which are primarily intended for social housing, hospitals and nursing homes, have attracted attention especially because of their homely patterns.


Finnish design goes global

Thanks to the technological breakthrough, the future of Finnish textile designs looks good.

The company has already expanded their business to the Nordic countries, Baltic countries, Central Europe and North America. Vallila Interior and Finnish interior designers are responsible for the design of the latest collection of tablecloths and drapery fabrics.


Ecological solution for restaurants

Nanotablecloth feels like cotton, and yet stains can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

With proper maintenance, this tablecloth requires washing only every few weeks.


Cost efficient solution

Although manufacturing one nano tablecloth are not necessarily inexpensive, the cost savings become obvious when you consider the reduced number of tablecloths required per table, in comparison with traditional tablecloths with higher maintenance and labor costs.


Technical information on nanotablecloth:

Nanotablecloth is a washable, stain resistant, cotton-polyester blend tablecloth. By using nanotechnology, the fiber surface has been treated with an unnoticeable and invisible stain resistant layer. The stain resistant quality is achieved by applying fluorine chemical onto the fiber. This chemical creates surface tension which in turn creates tiny air space between the fiber and a stain substance and, therefore, is able to resist stains from absorbing into the fiber.

Printabe fabric: Wizard, weight 230 g/m2, max width 158 cm, quality Pes/Co 90/10, weaving Twill, designs by Vallila Interior and Finnish textile designers.