Cleantech innovator Tefismart signed a million dollar contract with the Arab countries

The Finnish cleantech innovator Tefismart has signed a significant sales and distribution contract during the export promotion visit of Minister of Foreign Trade Lenita Toivakka to Dubai. Tefismart has patented nanotechnology-based stain resistant textiles for the use by hospitality industry. The contract that has been signed includes United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Maldives and, most interestingly, Iran.

Due to the technology patented by Tefismart, a hotel or restaurant operating under Tefismart’s Protect The Planet concept will use only one-tenth of the natural resources they used before for laundering textile coverings. In Dubai alone 18,000 restaurants use tablecloths. To launder them, over 15 million litres of valuable clean water is consumed daily. In addition to the water used, the carbon footprint is increased by the energy required to heat the water, emissions by transport and chemicals.

“By using the Finnish innovation, the restaurants would be able to save almost 90% on clean water consumption, chemicals, energy and work”, says Tefismart CEO Jori Rusanen and continues: “This contract is a significant head start for the company, but more is on the way. Next, we are planning a financing round so that our fast growth can continue.”

Tefismart_Dubai“It is a tradition in the Arab countries to use beautiful tablecloths that require a lot of laundering while at the same time clean water is a scarce natural resource Nowadays, GCC countries invest considerably in environmental values. Based on market research, the demand for exclusive Tefismart nano-textiles in the area could be significant, even huge. We are very excited”, says Onground Group CEO Oliver Schulz.

In addition to Finland, Tefismart has already started selling textiles, which are unique in the world, in Sweden, Estonia and Canada. In Finland, the tablecloths produced by the company cover more than 100,000 restaurant tables. And now Tefismart is entering a new stage of internationalisation – in the Arab countries and Iran, where sanctions are being lifted. The company received support from Tekes and Finnvera in market research and product development and was assisted by Fintral in contract negotiations.

“Tefismart is an example of Finnish capability to innovate and apply the new technology in practice. Due to Team Finland support, we were able to promote the start-up project to international markets much faster as the technology and innovations require venture capital. We need more such brave entrepreneurs”, encourages Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Lenita Toivakka.

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Oliver Schulz, CEO, Onground Group, +971 50 5595011,

Tefismart is a start-up company founded in 2013, which focuses on developing nanotechnology-based textiles. We save clean water, expensive energy and transport costs due to patented Tefismart textiles. Our places of business are in Helsinki, Mikkeli, Pieksämäki and Tallinn.